Timothy Colose

New York City based photographer specializing in analog and traditional forms of  portrait photography. 

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I see myself as a photographer, an image-maker. I make pictures because I love them; I love photography with my whole heart, more than any person, more than any personal item. That white-hot kind of love, a love that keeps you up at night. I have always had a deep love of photography… Unfortunately, I have had a hard time expressing this as of late, and I have recently been diagnosed with a mental illness. Once I started treatment for this diagnosis, I notices something was wrong with my world. 

My project, Amends, is one of forgiveness and growth.    The project is fundamentally a portrait project, but instead of guiding the subject, I am engaging with the subject and taking picture organically as we talk with one another.   The focus of the work is to capture a feeling or a moment, something that shows a moment of connection between me and the subject. I sit with the subjects and as they call it in alcoholics anonymous, make amends.  The outcome is a portrait that is sometimes a little jarring.  As viewed as a whole body of work, the viewer is left with a glimpse into my personal journey of forgiveness.